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Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of Electricity, Electronics and Electromagnetism.Electrical engineers are responsible for the generation, transfer and conversion of electrical power, while electronic engineers are concerned with the transfer of information using radio waves, the design of electronic circuits, the design of computer systems and the development of control systems such as aircraft autopilots. These sought-after engineers can look forward to a rewarding and respected career.

Why should I learn electrical& electronics engg?

  • It is one of the most basic field of Engineering
  • Yet, it is the field which has tremendously advanced in technology-It is an exciting and dynamic field
  • The electricity sector in India had an installed capacity of 185.5 Gigawatt (GW) as of November 2011, the world’s fifth largest.
  • The International Energy Agency estimates India will add between 600 GW to 1200 GW of additional new power generation capacity before 2050
  • Each Application is very diverse and fast developing for ex: power field
  • Power field-deals with power generation, transmission and distribution
  • In power sector, many technologies are fast developing and some under R&D

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13 Jun 2017

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