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It’s a common department for all polytechnic branches ,which enables students to acquire knowledge in Physics,Chemistry, Mathematics, English, basics of Computer Science and Physical Education.

Learning science is useful for all diploma students in

1. Understanding the World
  • From the natural world to modern technology, science exists all around. Understanding science basics and learning the scientific process helps see the connections and figure out how things work. A preschooler might dump his glass of water to see what happens
2. Cognitive Skills
  • The scientific process engages the critical thinking process through developing questions, creating hypotheses, conducting experiments and evaluating the data collected. The scientific process also encourages problem-solving that students can apply to real life
3. Decision Making
  • A basic understanding of the science behind everyday decisions can impact decision-making. Connecting the impact of poor eating habits to weight gain and diseases, such as diabetes, can encourage healthier lifestyle choices
4. Career Preperation
  • Science education builds skills for a variety of careers. Fields directly related to science are the most obvious connections to science learning, but other fields also benefit from science knowledge. A journalist writing about the environmental impact of pollution creates an accurate article when she is familiar with environmental science basics.

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